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30 May 2023

How to choose the right reserving method?

Reserving is one of the actuarial core functions, along with pricing and capital modelling. Addactis focus on selecting the right reserving method, among four universally known and mainly used methods: Chain-Ladder, Bornhuetter-Ferguson, Average Cost and De Vylder.

16 May 2023

Critical time on the reserving agenda when it comes to integrate inflation?

While many insurance companies did not use inflation hypotheses in their reserving process until recently, the current inflation rates estimated by companies – of about 7 % – question habits. Some companies even add extra reserves to anticipate future «inflation-linked losses». The need to integrate it in the technical provisions becomes a factor in the solvency of companies, so now the question becomes the «how». 

20 March 2023

IFRS 17 Transition

The full impact of IFRS 17 will be felt for a long time, partly because KPIs and metrics will change. There are various approaches to mastering the associated challenges. In the video, Addactis' experts discuss the current status of implementation and give advice on how best to proceed.