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Commercial Registration

Siolag Holding AG is a public limited company (Aktiengesellschaft) under Swiss law with its head office in Zug. The company is incorporated in the commercial register of the Canton of Zug under commercial register number CHE-357.063.229.

Volada AG is a public limited company (Aktiengesellschaft) under Swiss law with its head office in Zug. The company is incorporated in the commercial register of the Canton of Zug under commercial register number CHE-349.816.820.

Azenes AG is a public limited company (Aktiengesellschaft) under Swiss law with its head office in Zug. The company is incorporated in the commercial register of the Canton of Zug under commercial register number CHE-486.452.527.


Legal Information

Volada AG periodically verifies and updates the contents of its website and takes appropriate precaution to ensure accuracy. However, Volada AG cannot be held liable if the information on its website is outdated or incomplete. This equally applies to any other websites and the contents referred to on the website of Volada AG by means of hyperlinks. Volada AG does not warrant that its website will function error-free or be free of harmful components.

The contents published on the Volada AG website are provided solely for information purposes and do not constitute or represent an offer or a solicitation to buy. Volada AG reserves the right to amend or supplement the information provided at any time.

The Volada AG website is protected by copyright. The content, design, structure or any elements may not be reproduced without the prior written consent of Volada AG.



Access to the Volada AG website is via a secure communication protocol (SSL/TLS).


Personal Data

Volada AG uses publicly available personal data to contact persons individually or for general marketing purposes. These data include, for example, information on business cards handed out in person, in annual reports, media releases, job-related directories such as Linkedin, or magazines and books.

These personal data will not be sold or shared with third parties other than the companies mentioned in the section «Commercial Registration».

The personal data will be permanently deleted at the request of the respective person, unless the data has to be kept for a longer period for legal reasons.


Forms and Contact via E-mail

The Volada AG website contains forms for contacting the company and/or exchanging data. It is also possible to get into contact with Volada AG via e-mail. Whenever a person affected contacts Volada AG following these procedures, the personal data entered voluntarily and submitted to the company will be automatically stored for the purpose of processing by Volada AG. Volada AG will only share the personal data with the companies mentioned in the section «Commercial Registration» where there is a justified business interest.


Period of Storage

The personal data is stored for the legally prescribed retention period. After this period has expired, the data is routinely deleted, unless it is required longer for the initiation or fulfilment of a contract.



The Volada AG website uses cookies. Cookies are text files that are recorded and stored on a computer system via a web browser and are recognised by cookie identification (ID). The identifier of a (stored) cooky consists of a string whereby the websites and servers can be assigned specifically to the web browser used by the person affected. A specific web browser can also be recognised again by its unique cookie ID. The purpose of the identification is to make it easier for the person affected to navigate the Volada AG website.

In addition, Volada AG can use cookies to make user-friendly services available to a person affected who access the website and also to optimise the information and services offered to the person affected. For instance, a person affected does not need to re-enter their access data every time the person affected visits the Volada AG website.

The person affected can prevent the setting of cookies by the Volada AG website by changing the settings of the used web browser so that cookies are blocked. Moreover, cookies already set can be deleted via the web browser or other software programmes. If the person affected disables cookies in the used web browser, this may restrict the range of functions available on the Volada AG website.


Third-party Components

Volada AG uses single third-party components such as Google Maps from Google LLC or YouTube from YouTube LLC on its website. With the technical application of these components, third parties collect data from a person affected and obtain knowledge of the subpages of the Volada AG website accessed by the person affected. This information is collected by third parties and assigned to the person affected. If such a transfer of information to third parties is not desired by the person affected, this process can be prevented by the person affected logging out of the accounts of third parties before accessing the Volada AG website.

By using the Volada AG website, the person affected agrees that personal data may be collected, processed and used automatically by third parties and their representatives. The terms of use and data protection provisions of the third parties can be found on their respective websites.


Publication Date

This data protection declaration was revised on 18 November 2020 and can be updated at any time by Volada AG.



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